Are you procrastinating on your gym goals?

We are now just 25 days from the end of 2019. Christmas parties are coming in thick and fast and many people will be winding down their training routines ahead of a ‘fresh start’ in 2019.

Before you start making any fitness plans for the year ahead it can often be good to take stock of what you set out to do in 2019, by asking yourself the following questions.

  • What did you hope to achieve this year?
  • Did you reach those goals?
  • What were your biggest obstacles in achieving your goals this year?

The answer to the question – are you procrastinating on your gym goals? Lies within your answers to the questions above.

Sometimes, we spend far too long ‘visualising’ what it is we want to achieve. Perhaps that is a marathon, a bodybuilding comp, or even to just drop our Body Fat % a little. Focusing on the outcome is a GREAT way to get ourselves excited to achieve a goal but the visualising itself can stop us from spending time on creating a plan to get us there.
Or are you already at the next stage? Did you spend a long time curating the perfect gym routine? Only to arrive on the day of a workout and allow life to get in the way?
Perhaps the goals that you set, were not aligned with what you ACTUALLY want. Perhaps you set those goals because it was what you thought you should want…and perhaps that is why you have procrastinated.

It takes a very strong person to ask themselves these questions… and be honest in their answers.

But if we don’t stop and look at what happened in 2019 – and why – we are setting ourselves up for the same pattern to occur in 2020.

If you need some help in planning and implementing a routine that STICKS for 2020, just reach out to a member of the CityGym team who will be more than happy to chat things through with you.


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